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Did you know?
The EPA, in 1995, issued a statement to the U.S. Senate declaring that "Indoor air pollution is now our nation's number one environmental health concern."

In light of ever-increasing energy costs, Americans are sealing their homes and buildings with better windows, insulation, and moldings.

When homes and other buildings are sealed, mold can begin to grow inside ductwork. As air passes through these ducts, the mold - along with chemicals given off by paints, cleaners, glues, pressed board furniture, pesticides, and of course, cigarette smoke - is picked up and circulated throughout the structure without ever being "cleaned."

That's why you need Lindan Service Corporation.
Your whole family will breathe easier when Lindan Service Corporation cleans your heating and air conditioning ductwork and removes harmful pollutants with advanced air purification technologies.

Almost all air purifications systems available today use one of the following technologies:

Filters - There are many kinds of filters: HEPA, Fiber/Foam, and Carbon Media to name a few. In general, they work by blowing air through a semi-permeable barrier.

Ionizers - This technology works by using electricity to change the polarity of particles passing through or near the unit. The charged particles then become attracted to a surface with the opposite charge.

Ozone Generators - Ozone is one of the most effective oxidizers found in nature. It is used widely in HVAC systems because it is very effective against mold, mildew, odors, bacteria, and disease.

Ultraviolet Light - Ultraviolet (UV) light has been used by the medical profession for years. UV light works because the energy from the light rays can destroy the microbes and other organic contaminants in the air.

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